Welcome to Peguam

Bridging Malaysia's legal community to businesses and individuals.


So, what is Peguam?

For many, approaching a law firm is daunting simply because there is an invisible barrier between the legal community and the average Malaysian. PEGUAM is here to break that barrier. It has one simple goal, to make it easy for fellow Malaysians to find the right legal assistance for every legal issue – online.

Introducing The Peguam Hub.

A digital platform for lawyers, businesses and the public to seek help and share knowledge.

Public Space
Do you have something on your mind? Post them here. This space is for everyone.
Exclusive Space
An invite-only space for lawyers only. Everyone else can't see what happens here.
Share knowledge
Give back to the community by providing answers to questions from the public.
Private Message
You can message any registered user privately to follow up.


This is a great way to reach out and widen your connections. One, you can offer your assistance and extend your service to individuals and businesses who otherwise might not have crossed paths with you. Two, this is where the legal community can communicate amongst themselves (privately) to call in favours like running MOBs and other routine attendances.


Need a quick legal question answered? Our panel of lawyers are ever ready to share their thoughts. Need something more? This is where you can find the right people at the right place to solve your problem. No more scouting and asking around for recommendations, thereby saving you lots of time and effort. The solution you are looking for is here.

It is FREE! What are you waiting for?

Build a website for your legal firm

Are you or your firm searchable on the internet? When a potential client seeks you out online, do you or your firm look reliable and trustworthy - enough to convert him/her into an actual client? Time to hop on the digital bandwagon and build your presence online. Let's get started!

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